House Tour 5

The final stop on our tour this week – Spencer’s room!  When I found out that he was another boy, I decided to carry on with the navy and white theme that I had in Maxwell’s room but combine it with yellow instead of green.  I love how crisp and clean it feels…

The rug is one of my favorite parts and it’s from Pottery Barn Kids, as is the crib bedding.  The crib is from Land of Nod and so are the bookshelves and yellow pouf.  I had the yellow pillows on the bed made here in Birmingham at Sew Sheri using fabrics by Premier Prints.  The navy comforter is from Amity Home.  That is actually a bed from Target.  We had another one on order that would have looked more like a daybed but it kept getting delayed so, 1 week before Spencer was born, I cancelled the order and got this one at Target!  Even though the headboard and footboard are different heights, I think it looks fine as a day bed…and loved the price too!  :)  The paintings were an Etsy find and I love them…and so does Maxwell!  A friend joked that I basically created Maxwell’s dream room for Spencer with all the “lallow trucks!”

I actually found the campaign chest on Etsy too.  I knew I wanted a campaign chest to use as a changing table but finding one proved to be difficult!  This one originally looked like this when I bought it…

I had a family friend build a base so it would be taller and then he also painted it in a glossy, navy blue lacquer and I LOVE it.  absolutely LOVE it.

This is such a happy room and Maxwell loves hanging out with his ya-ya in here.  Who knows…they both might end up sharing this room at some point!

That’s it for the house tour!  Hope you guys have enjoyed it this week.  Back to normal posts next week!

House Tour 4

Today you get to see Maxwell’s room!  I love his sweet navy and apple green room and I think he likes it too!

All of the fabrics are from Serena and Lily and the crib is from Young America.  The paintings above the crib are by a local artist, Sherry, and she painted the backgrounds of the circus train to perfectly match the fabrics in his room!  so fun!

The found the green painted table at an unpainted furniture store in Arkansas…go figure!  :)  We got the mirror there as well.  The chest and changing top came from Once Upon a Time and the glider is Best Chairs.

I love how crisp his room looks with the white, green and navy.  I’ve spent a lot of time in this room with my sweet boy and it always makes me happy!  Tomorrow, Spencer’s room!  See you then!

House Tour 3

The house tour continues to the den, kitchen and master bedroom.

The den – the room where we spend most of our time.  I love all the natural light this room gets.  It’s the least “decorated” and there’s always things in here that I want to change but it works for now.  The couch is from At Home as are the red Ikat pillows.  Needless to say, I’m a big fan of the Schumacher Trellis fabric covering the chairs and the window seat in the back.  I’ve always loved that fabric and definitely wanted to use it in my house somewhere.

The lion side table is another “hand me down” that rocks…and has become a ladder for Maxwell to climb on!  The leather ottoman is from Restoration Hardware and has been a great coffee table alternative.  We used to have a heavy glass and iron coffee table that just took up too much space.  We got this so we can roll it off into the corner leaving plenty of room for Maxwell to play.  The other wall that you don’t see if full of built-ins.  My favorite part of the picture above?  Maxwell’s beloved Nanner sitting on the ottoman!  :)  Oh, and notice the Donald Roller Wilson print in the back?  I think every house needs a little Cookie and that print will have to do until I can get one of those “hand me down” paintings from my parents!

Here’s a glimpse into our kitchen…

We painted every single thing in this kitchen when we moved in and added the glass front cabinet doors.  It definitely brightened things up.

The bedroom – I loved the house for the vaulted ceiling in the master…especially since it provided plenty of room for the “hand me down” bed we got!  I recently added the starburst mirror that I found at a local antique store and I love it.  It just fils up the wall perfectly and adds just another touch of gold (which I am obviously a fan of)!

The two chairs are also “hand me downs”.  The fabric is a little fancy and “old” for me, but it works in there for now so we went with it.  The curtain panels are from Restoration Hardware and really tie it all together.  I just recently added the monogrammed shams and orange, or paprika, throw from Sferra as well as the Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon pillow that I got off of Etsy. I had seen this post on Peppermint Bliss (totally want to be friends with Bailey) and got inspired to spruce things up with some monograms and Chiang Mai!  I love the way it turned out!  The painting on the wall is also of our wedding by Rich Flynn.  This one is of the ceremony and I love waking up to it every day!

The tour continues tomorrow with one of the most important rooms…Maxwell’s!

House Tour 2

First, happy 2013!  Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us all!

Continuing on with the House Tour…today is my office!  If you don’t know, I work full-time out of my house.  Supernanny Susan comes every day to watch Maxwell and Spencer (or will when I return from maternity leave in February) while I go into my office, close my door and try to be something other than just Momma from 9 to 5!  It’s a great set-up.  I get the best of both worlds and wouldn’t change a thing.  It’s even better that I get to spend my day in my window-filled, pink and green girly office space!

Needless to say, Maxwell is rarely allowed in here in reality!  He’s usually only in here if he sneaks in…and he always goes straight for all the buttons on the printer!  :)

The chair is from Z Gallerie (you didn’t think I splurged for an Eames, did you?!) and the desk modules are from Ballard Designs.

I love my wrapping paper station.  It’s the little things!

You can also see my new carpet in here in that last photo.  I was living with the terrible, grey, cheap office carpet that the previous owners had in there.  About 6 months ago, I splurged and got this gorgeous carpet from Hiltz-Lauber.  It makes me happy every single day I step into this room!

The little chair prints (that you can only see one of) are by Anne Harwell.

That’s the office where I spend most of my days!  See you back on the tour tomorrow!

House Tour

Something a little different around here this week.  I love reading home design blogs and magazines and seeing where other people live so I thought you all might enjoy seeing a little more of where we live!  I had these photos taken back in July for another project that a friend is working on.  That project has been a bit delayed so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share them with you here now.

You might remember when I showed you some of these family photos from Lauren at Peppermint Photography

I was about 5 months pregnant there and had her come because I wanted some good pictures while our family was still 3, but it also gave me a chance to get Lauren to take some awesome photos of the interior of our house.  Now, let me say this – I am definitely not an interior designer.  I peruse blogs, rip pages out of magazines and pin things like everyone but definitely don’t think I really know what I’m doing.  In putting our house together, I just tried to go with what I liked – and what I like is color, a few unique pieces to keep things interesting and an overall happy space.  I was working mostly with a ton of “hand me down” furniture from my parents house in Arkansas.  I put “hand me down” in quotes because it’s not like I was getting old, ragged pieces of furniture. I was lucky enough to get beautiful pieces that I could never have afforded on my own.  The trick was taking these antiques or pieces with a slightly older feel and making them more modern and young.  Fabric can do wonders for that!

Ok, enough chatting…let’s get on with the house!  Today I will share the front living and dining room.  These are the first two rooms that you see when you walk into the front door.

The couch, two chairs, coffee table and table in the bay window were all “hand me downs”.  A little bright pop of apple green really livened the chairs up I think!  The sconces are from Horchow, the lamp is from At Home, and the mirror over the fireplace is from Ballard Designs.  The throw pillow on the couch was Robert’s grandmother’s and is really special.  She passed away not long after we moved in and that pillow ended up matching the greens and patterns of our fabrics so well that we just had to give it a new home.

Looking into the dining room you can see the greek key fabric on the chair better.  You know I can’t resist a good geometric print!

I know they might be trendy right now, but that doesn’t stop me from LOVING my Jonathan Adler chippendale chairs and my mirrored buffet.  My favorite part of the room though (and one of my favorite things in the house) is the crown chandelier.  I mean…it’s a crown hanging in my dining room for goodness sake!  I’m just fancy like that!  :)

Robert and I randomly found the two watercolor florals while shopping for outdoor furniture at Summer Classics.  Never expected to find art there but I love them for the space!  I also have to mention the painting above the buffet.  It’s an oil painting done by the amazing Rich Flynn at our wedding.  He was set up at our reception and completed the painting from start to finish by the end of the night.  It is such a cool piece and something I will treasure forever.

The geometric gold mirror in the picture above is another one from Ballard Designs.

Hope you guys enjoy this, the tour continues tomorrow!  Happy New Year’s Eve!  I’m off to pop some bubbly….