Thanksgiving in the Gump

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is feeling great (and not too stuffed!) after a long holiday weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and had a great Thanksgiving day down in Montgomery. Jenny nicely offered to host and cooked up a big feast but I did take the desserts.  I made a pumpkin pie (which I love but Robert thinks is nothing short of a waste of a pie) and a pecan pie.  Both were really good (if I do say so myself!) thanks in part to my kitchen helper…

pie crust

For my memory, I branched out from my mom’s tried and true shortening pie crust recipe and went with an all butter crust from Smitten Kitchen.  Turned out great!

That morning, I actually got to pick out Maxwell’s clothes and had him looking cute and dressed just like Spencey!

tgiving twinkies

Thanksgiving twinkies!  :)

We got down to Montgomery around noon and Ronnie had ordered this cardboard rocket ship for the kids to color all day – total genius move.

rocket ship

The boys especially loved it! We had a fun day all around watching Ronnie fry the turkey…

turkey fry

feeding the kids an early “feast” of their own…


and then letting them have one of the turkey cookies I made along with the pies!  gobble gobble!

turkey cookies

It was a beautiful (albeit chilly!) day and the cousins had a blast running around outside on the golf course.




In fact, we all enjoyed the sunshine that day!


The meal was fantastic (thank you Jenny!)…


and we enjoyed the outdoors just as much after the sun went down…especially with the fun(ny) head lamps and glow sticks for the kids!

head lamp

Let me tell you, you haven’t laughed until you’ve seen Spencer running around with a headlamp on!  ha!

Overall, it was a perfect day that made me realize how thankful I am for my entire extended family and definitely for this guy…


and these little turkeys!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Yum Yum

Mum-Mum cracker = Yum-Yum to Spencer!





I never really gave these to Maxwell…but he also didn’t have teeth until after he was 1!  Spencer already has 3 and loves to chow down on these!



Nom Nom Nom.




See you tomorrow!

Super duper!

A few things of interest around here this week…

Spencer is getting a top tooth!  One of his front teeth is breaking through and he’s handled it like a champ.  I was totally surprised considering Maxwell didn’t get any teeth at all until 1 and Spencer is going to have bottom and top teeth by 10 months!

Spencer looooves watermelon.  He’s been eating it up all by himself at dinner the past few nights.  Wishing big brother would follow his lead!

We’re ready for the weekend and think it’s gonna be SUPER!


super man

Up, up, and away!


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superboy!


and Superbaby too!


Wishing you all a SUPER weekend from Super Susan, Superboy and Superbaby…


and from Supermom too!  😉

super mom

See you next week!

weekly happenings

Well, another week in the books!  It’s been sorta stressful around here this week for a variety of reasons.  The massive rainstorms we had every day didn’t help.  But, we made it through with a little of this and a little of that.

Maxwell got a haircut…


We told her to just trim it up but still leave it a little shaggy.  She did a great job.


and, yes, I’m working on teaching him how to do a “natural” smile instead of this cheese face!

Maxwell got to go to school on Monday and Wednesday and it was a great week because Lila was there!  Maxwell reeeeeeeally likes Lila!  The teacher told me that they were holding hands down the hall and that he saved the seat next to him for her in the car on the play ground.  He even wanted to take an extra squeeze packet in his lunch on Wednesday to give to Lila.  awwwww.  Luckily I think Lila likes Maxwell almost as much as he likes her!  :)

Spencey has been full of mysteries this week.  On Monday he just stopped nursing.  Nursed great on Sunday and then, on Monday, nope.  But, he’ll still take a bottle of pumped milk so, who knows?  We even took him up the doctor to make sure he it wasn’t his ears or something…

spencey doctor

But, the doctor said he’s healthy as a horse.  No clue why he decided to change things up.  Although, based on his “output” this week, I do think he has some sort of little stomach bug…probably something he picked up from crawling around the dirty floors…not that my floors are dirty.  Clean enough to eat off of!  See…


Maybe once the bug clears up he’ll nurse again?  I don’t know and I can’t worry about it.  As long as he’ll drink the pumped milk, we’re fine.  Maxwell nursed for 10 months until my appendix burst so if I can just get 10 months in for Spencer, everything will be even and fair (it always has to be even and fair for both kids, right?!)

One thing that made me happy this week was that I finally updated the board over my desk to include pics of both Maxwell and Spencer…


Love looking at these pictures all day!

Overall, it was just one of those weeks where I wished I had a mouse-ka-tool to magically fix some things…


At least I’ve got my two little Mouseketeers to keep me smiling!  :)


Have a great weekend!


“Mama, take my picture!”


“Me see it?”

ps – in other really big news around here, Maxwell ate a fruit cup yesterday.  Yes, the fact that he ate a super kid-friendly fruit cup is a very big deal because this kid will not eat fruit.  Progress!