Somebody made a MOOstake! and a little FF

As I mentioned earlier, we started Maxwell on whole cow’s milk when I had to go to the hospital.  Robert had called the pediatrician Saturday morning to get the best advice on what to do – mainly to ask what kind of formula they recommended.  Our pediatrician’s office wasn’t open that Saturday so they transferred him to the office they partner with.  A nurse at that office told him that whole milk was fine at 10 months…which I’m sure it is.  However, I just knew that wasn’t what our pediatrician would recommend and made a point to call them back as soon as I got out of the hospital.  I did yesterday morning and, sure enough, the nurse at our doctor’s office couldn’t believe they told us to start giving him whole milk at only 10 months.  They don’t recommend cow’s milk at all until at least 1 year.  So, we switched over to formula today and Maxwell seems to be doing just fine with it…he just rolls like that.

The funniest part was at the end of my conversation with the nurse, she said, “I’m gonna go look at your chart right now and see who told you that!”  Hope we didn’t get someone in trouble!

My second day home was good.  I am feeling much better everyday but am shocked at my lack of energy.   Just sitting up instead of laying down takes it out of me.  It is amazing to watch the energy that Maxwell has and think that I could actually keep up with him just last week.  I’m sure I’ll get there again soon…just have to be patient!

I did learn today that a Get Well Soon balloon is big fun to a little baby…

I also want to do a special little Friday Favorite to all the people that have helped me this week.  You guys really are my favorite.

First a giant thank you to everyone who left a comment here, sent me an email or facebook message, or even just thought about me.  THANK YOU!  Every little bit made a difference.

A yum yum yum thank you to Ashley and Sissy for the meals.  It was one less thing to worry about and I am super appreciative.

A shout out to my besties – Hannah, Andee, Laura and Lyndsay for the awesome bouquets (edibile and otherwise!) and for constantly checking in on me.  You make me feel loved.

A giant bow sized thank you to Susan for…every single thing. I don’t know how I lucked out getting Susan in my life but I’m not going to question it.  Susan, you were nothing short of a literal lifesaver this weekend.

A giant praise to GJ for, once again, being the very best there is.  She hopped on a plane to do whatever was needed…all I really needed was her.  Momma’s are the best.

A big hug and kiss to Robert for getting me from Winchester, TN to Birmingham in record time…and for just being Robert.  I wouldn’t have gotten through any of this without you.

Now, here’s one last pic to send you out for the weekend….Peekaboo!

Hopefully next week we’ll be back to better photos and no sick talk!  Have a great weekend!

busy busy busy

Someone in this house is very busy…and I can guarantee you it’s not me! I’m moving about as fast as a snail right now. Slow or not, I’ve never been so thankful to be home. I spent the day yesterday piled up in my bed just enjoying the sound of Maxwell squealing in the other room instead of monitors beep beep beeping in my ear. I did spike a fever yesterday that knocked me out for a few hours, but it seemed so much more bearable because I was home. Home is good.

I did venture out of the bed in the afternoon to hang out with my buddy. He’s very busy though, you know.

He’s got climbing to do…


Books to read…


(Goodnight Moon was clearly a hit)


And places to go…


Busy little boy! I’m just wondering when his ever growing wings are actually going to let him take flight?! :)



I am home. I am sore and weak but I don’t care because I am home…and that makes me happy.

Know what else makes me happy? This awesome greeting from Susan and Maxwell…



So close…

Yet potentially so far away. Yesterday started out great. I had my appetite back and was feeling somewhat human again. My surgeon came by around 9 am and said that if I continued to have a good day (she wants me to be fever free for 24 hours before leaving) then she will let me go home Wednesday. While the last thing I wanted was another night in the hospital, at least there was an end in sight! My mom even sent me this cute picture before coming up to the hospital to spend the day with me…

I think he looks a little distraught because he misses me. Distraught face or not, I was glad to see his picture.

I continued to feel better all day and then, around 4:00, my fever spiked and I was quickly reminded that I am still very sick and not out of the woods yet. My 102 temp broke about an hour later just in time to see this sweet face…


His visits always make me feel better. He also had a good time playing with GJ while he was here…

gj and mbb

As I write this (on my iPhone in case you’re wondering) I am hoping for a fever free night and a good report from the surgeon tomorrow. After more fever today, I’m afraid my departure might be delayed another day.

I want my baby. I want my bed. I want my shower. I want to go home.

Wholey Cow!

Thanks Robert for the post title! So, Maxwell is on his 3rd day of whole cow’s milk and he’s doing just fine. Below is a picture Robert took with his blackberry…sorry about the quality, I’m working with what I’ve got!


That picture was taken around 7am and I love how his little eyes are all squinty like he’s just not quite sure he wants to be fully awake yet!

I wish I could say that I’m doing fine too…but I am nowhere close to fine. I have infections and essentially poison spreading all over my body and, let me tell you, it is terrible, scary and beyond painful. To give you an idea of how sick I am, I didn’t even want Maxwell to come up and visit. I honestly don’t even have the energy to sit up and look at him. That makes me so sad. Luckily Robert didn’t listen to me though. Seeing this little boy’s face was just the boost I needed!


While I was initially hoping to go home today, it’s looking like that’s not going to happen until Wednesday or Thursday.

I’ll take any prayers I can get for the pain to subside, the infections to die, and my fever to go down. Much appreciated!

To all those that have called, emailed, sent flowers, etc… Thank you!!! It really means so much. I promise to get back to all of you when I have a little more energy.