Maxwell has really had a text book recovery from his tonsillectomy and adenoid-ectomy (I just made that word up). He’s been sore and pitiful some but, thanks to us staying ahead of his pain and getting the meds in him every 3 hours, it was easily managed. He was feeling much better by day 3 and then hit another rough spot around days 4 and 5, just as expected. As of yesterday he seems to have turned a corner and didn’t need any medicine all day! Hooray! We’re going to try sending him back to school today. His class is going on a field trip and he reeeeaally wants to go. I truly think he’ll be fine. Glad it’s only 2 more days this week and then he’ll have the weekend to rest up!

The week of recovery wasn’t all bad. He got lots of sweet notes and goodies from people which was awesome. GJ sent Legos, activity books, new books to read, and new highlighter markers (which have been the favorite thing ever!). Maxwell’s been busy with all of it…




He had an ice cream visit from Mary Beth and Baby Margaret…


Susan brought him a sweet card and the biggest Darth Vader balloon ever. He got Legos from his BFF Lila and from his cousins, Katie and Anna. There were popsicles from Scarlett and a milkshake from Hannah! He even got an ice cream gift certificate from the school librarian (whom he loves!). She had texted me the day of the surgery to let me know she was thinking about him and then followed up a few days later asking if she could bring him a little something. SO NICE!


In addition to Sprite, Gatorade, Ginger Ale, and popsicles, there has been ice cream! LOTS of ice cream…

ice cream


We’ve even been out to the Mexaurant for some refried beans…


and to our favorite breakfast place for oatmeal and syrup drenched pancakes!


Most importantly, we’ve gotten lots and lots of good rest…



and some good snuggling too!

ice cream

I’ve honestly enjoyed having him home with me so much. He even hung out in my office with me on Monday while I worked and S and S were at school…


This kid is the best. He handled everything so well and took it all in stride.

ice cream

Thank you to everyone who thought of him and sent well wishes! I’m so happy to be done with strep and be rid of those giant adenoids! Can’t wait to see how much better he’s going to be feeling when it’s all said and done!

and they’re out!

Maxwell made it through surgery yesterday. His tonsils are gone and so are his adenoids. The doc said his tonsils were average size but his adenoids were giant and blocking 90% of his airway! Whoa! He had a little issue waking up from the anesthesia and couldn’t breathe well. He started having stridor and they had to give him two breathing treatments. They got it under control and finally got him back out to us. It was a long wait for me and Robert and we were glad to finally get him back, even if he was pretty miserable! We made it home and he’s been resting and drinking whatever he wants – including a milkshake!

Before all the action yesterday!



Then Susan took the two littles to school and it was a bit windy! ha!


Robert and I took our brave patient up for surgery…


We were all glad to finally make it back home that afternoon. Don’t worry, he’s got plenty of good nurses taking care of him!



Hoping it’s a quick and easy recovery!


This silly goose is getting his tonsils and possibly adenoids out today.


Please say a prayer for an uncomplicated procedure and an easy recovery!


You can say a prayer for Nurse Momma’s patience too! 😉


Dental checkups on Thursday and all looked great! This was Samantha’s first checkup but she has been to the dentist before for her mouth trauma. I guess she remembered that because, before we left, I was telling her how we were going to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and she pointed to the ceiling and said “tv!”. Our dentist has tvs in the ceiling that play movies. Smart girl!

She clearly has good memories of the place because she just walked right in like it was no big deal and even let the hygienist pick her up and carry her to the chair!


She could not have been sweeter, cuter, or more well-behaved! Go Baby!


Spencer was having a bit of a tough time because he really didn’t think any of the toothpaste flavors were going to taste good. But, after a lot of convincing, he finally opened up and let her clean his teeth…


and didn’t fuss one bit for x-rays or Dr. Thomas. Thank goodness!


I took Spencer and Samantha in the morning and then took maxwell back up after school (Yes, I made 2 trips to the dentist in 1 day!).


He got a great report too! and everyone was in agreement that he’ll definitely need braces someday – crowded teeth in a small mouth! I know what that’s like! 😄


Grateful for healthy teeth!

Have a great weekend!


It’s Thursday….thank goodness it’s no longer Wednesday! Robert and I both got hit with food poisoning in the middle of the night Tuesday and were pretty miserable all day yesterday. I can’t say food poisoning is what I wanted to get for Valentine’s Day! Thankfully the kids are all fine – they must not have eaten whatever took us down.

Before we got sick, the boys did get some good looking haircuts…


and even when sick I still managed to get Samantha looking cute for school in some polka dot tights!


and Robert and I both managed to get ourselves up to take Maxwell to his ENT evaluation.

ent doctor

After 7 cases of strep in 3 years and 3 in the last 6 weeks alone, he’s getting his tonsils out! March 1st is the date – say a prayer for sweet Maxwell! and bring on the popsicles and ice cream!

See you tomorrow!