Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Before our weekend even began, we had lots to celebrate around here on Friday.  First, Robert passed his test!  3 cheers for Robert!

Second, we’re boot-free!!!  HOORAY!!  We went to the doctor Friday morning and they said that the break in Maxwell’s leg was all healed and we could ditch the boot.  He will likely limp and not walk exactly right for up to 6 weeks due to the tightness of the muscles and ligaments in that leg.  He’s wasn’t so sure about walking Friday but he’s done great all weekend and is now running with barely a limp.  He’ll be back to normal in no time!

Last pic with the boot…

First time wearing his left shoe in 5 weeks!

…and clearly still a little traumatized from the xray room!

Apprehensively standing and taking a few steps…

We are SO glad to have the broken leg ordeal behind us!

A boy in a boot

New boot = new pictures!  Gotta document it all, right?

He’s doing pretty good with it.  It’s really hard to walk in so crawling is still his main mode of transportation right now!

While the baths are nice, I’m almost thinking a cast would have been easier.  The boot has about 6 different velcro flaps that you have to close in the right order and I didn’t do it right yesterday and poor Maxwell had rough velcro rubbing on his leg for half the day.  Mom of the year here!  So sorry, buddy.

Luckily, I don’t think he’s too mad at me.  Sweet, sweet boy.

Give him the boot!

Yesterday we went to Maxwell’s follow up appointment with the orthopedist and we are now CAST FREE!  Hooray!  They said his leg was healing great and he would be fine with just a boot for the next two weeks.  Fantastic news!  The best part of the boot?  Maxwell can take a bath!!  He has to wear it all the time but we can take it off to give him a bath.  Needless to say, Maxwell enjoyed a half hour bath last night full of splishing and splashing!

Last picture with the cast…

Below is video of the cast removal if you want to see.  It’s not that exciting but I had never seen a cast being cut off before so I thought it was interesting.  Apparently the saw can’t cut the skin because it just vibrates.  Here’s a good explanation:  The saw vibrates, but does not rotate. If the blade of the saw touches the padding inside the hard shell of the cast, the padding will vibrate with the blade and will protect your skin. Cast saws make noise and may feel “hot” from friction, but will not harm you — “their bark is worse than their bite.”

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on Flickr.

Getting the boot and not very happy about it….

All booted up and feeling better…

The boot even has an M on it for Maxwell!

Back home and loving the first real bath in two weeks…

Maxwell is allowed to walk with the boot on but I think it’s going to be pretty difficult for him.  The boot is big and makes his left leg much longer than his right.  I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it soon though.

Of course we saved the little cast for posterity…

We’re glad to have that cast off and be this far on the road to recovery!


Star light, star bright…

First star I see tonight…

I wish I may, I wish I might…

Have this wish I wish tonight.

What’s my wish? For that little broken leg to heal as it should, of course! What’s your wish?

Stars thanks to our Twilight Turtle!

Weekend recap

First, I’m trying to get this post done really fast because I have to get into the other room to watch Mad Men!  I am SO glad that show is back.  If you don’t watch – why not?

Since you all seemed to enjoy the weekend recap last Monday (did you enjoy it?  I’m just assuming there) I thought I would do it again.  We had another beautiful spring weekend here in Alabama.  The azaleas in our backyard are in full bloom, the grass is green and the temps are warm but not too hot.  Just lovely.

Saturday morning started off with a trip to Target that turned into a trip to Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and Old Navy.  Maxwell was really excited about it on the way out…

But, he does love a good ride in a shopping cart so he was pretty happy in all the stores, especially since he had Robert’s “ga-ga’s” to play with.

While out, we did pick up Maxwell a hat.  The sun can be brutal on the playground and I had ordered him a little baseball cap from Old Navy to protect his face.  Robert informed me that that was not the proper hat for any son of his.  We came home Saturday with something that Robert deemed a little more appropriate!

Roll Tide!

That afternoon Maxwell took his nap like he usually does these days – with his whole circus of animals in the bed with him.  He loves to have all of his buddies, including Little Al, right there in the crib…

p.s. – don’t worry, Maxwell’s not in there smothered under the animals.  I had already gotten him up when I took this!  :)

After nap came a neighborhood walk where Maxwell practiced the proper 10:00 and 2:00 hand position…

After that, a little playtime in the laundry basket…why not?

After dinner, Maxwell enjoyed some cookies (yes I gave him the whole bag because he really wanted it.  Yes, he did eventually dump out all the cookies onto his tray BUT he did help me pick them up and put them back in the bag.  Note to future visitors – stay away from the Goldfish Grahams! )

By the way, what do you watch while eating cookies?

Cookie Monster of course!  :)

On Sunday morning, I sang Maxwell a rousing rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider during breakfast and he gave me a hearty round of applause!

We then played outside and tried to keep his cast out of the dirt…

and then went for our usual neighborhood walk.

I then tried to teach Maxwell how to play with the new Leap Pad I bought him…

We were only marginally successful.  He really just thinks it’s fun to push the buttons and pretend like it’s a giant phone!

While Maxwell napped I played baker using Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious.  I made Applesauce Muffins (with hidden squash) and Yellow Cupcakes (with pumpkin and yogurt).  Both really good and both enjoyed by Maxwell…especially the cupcakes!

Phew!  that was long!  It was a great weekend but now I’ve got a date with Don Draper.  See you later!