We’re in overtime

So, the official due date has come and gone.  I guess that means we’re in overtime.

Robert and I had a good weekend just trying to keep ourselves occupied waiting for BBB to get here.

Robert did some yardwork…

while I followed a butterfly around the patio.

When trimming the hedge, Robert found a whole continent of ants…

and fed them some nice poison.

We went out to dinner both nights, laid around, watched a movie, laid around, went to a birthday party, laid around, went to church, laid around, went for a walk and, you got it, laid around.

I did decide to take a photo after church so BBB could someday see what he looked like on his due date…too bad you can’t see him because he’s still in my belly!

and, just because, here’s what Robert looked like on BBB’s due date!  :)  He’s funny.

Thank goodness for Robert’s antics.  He’s made me do a lot of this in the home stretch…

When your belly is this big, there’s nothing better than a good belly laugh!  :)

So, the waiting continues!  Tick tock.  Tick tock.

Happy Due Date!

Well, due date is here…but no baby.  Tick tock.  Tick tock.

We are family…

I got all my COUSINS and me!

BBB is going to have lots of fun playmates at family holidays…although he might get to play princess more than he gets to play trucks the first few years!  BBB has some of the cutest and sweetest girl cousins around.  With all girls so far, I think both sides of the family are pretty excited for the first BOY!  Bring on the dump trucks, trains and t-ball games!

Still, I know these cuties in Alabama are going to love him and take such good care of him, even if he is a boy!  :)  Katie and Anna are cousins on Robert’s side of the family and they love their sparkles….

and all things pink and princess!

And sweet Delaney down in Florida, his cousin on my family’s side, is still young enough to play with just about anything…but I’m sure the pinkness will win out soon enough!

Perhaps Delaney and BBB can bond over a mutual love for Elmo!!  I think he’s liked equally by boys and girls!

However, BBB’s status as the lone boy might only last a few months.  My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a sibling for Delaney…but we don’t know if it’s blue or pink yet!  I think BBB would like a boy to try and even the numbers out.  We’ll see!

I hope each of you have a great weekend with your family!  I’m hoping my family increases by 1 baby boy this weekend!!  :)

The Gear – Stroller edition

It’s surprising how much gear you need for such a little person.  Pack N Plays, car seats, swings, bouncy seats, bumbos, jumperoos…our house is going to seem very small, very fast!  One of the biggest decisions in my mind was the stroller.  Do you go with the full travel system?  the jogger?  a bigger one plus an umbrella stroller?  high end Bugaboo or affordable Chicco?  Too many decisions!  After much research I LOVE our stroller…graciously given to us by the Browns.  Thanks Mary Lou and Ronnie!

We wanted something that we could easily use walking around the neighborhood considering that’s what we’ll be using it for most.  However, we didn’t want to get just a jogging stroller because they can be so heavy and not easy to get into the car.  I think we found the perfect combo – it’s the City Mini by Baby Jogger.  It can easily handle the uneven sidewalks on a power walk but is also super easy to fold up with one hand and slide into the trunk for a visit to the pediatrician’s office.  We were also able to get a car seat adaptor so it’s like a travel system too!

Here is our City Mini.  Little Al is ready for a stroll!

When he gets tired he can lay down flat and I can keep strolling.

I can even peek in on him from the view panels in the top.

And with the pull of one strap with one hand, it folds up as flat as can be!  easy!

If you want to read more about it, click here:  City Mini by BabyJogger

For the spring we definitely want a BOB as well – the best jogging strollers around.  Christmas wish list!

The BOB Revolution

The BOB is fantastic and I know Robert will love it so he can take his little guy on his runs around the neighborhood!

When he grows up

Not only can I not wait for BBB to get here, but I can’t wait to see what he’s going to be like as he grows up.

Will he be ready to head out on big adventures and crawl all over the rocks?

Stephie crawling

Or just try to crawl looking like he’s had too many drinks “on the rocks”?  :)

Robert crawling

Robert crawling

One thing’s for sure, he will definitely know how to politely fold his hands and pose…


And look very cute in navy and white.


I can’t wait to see if he has red hair….


But regardless of the color, I think it’s a given that he’s going to have a lot of hair!


And I can only imagine that BBB is ALWAYS going to be just as happy as these little kiddos…

Keath, Daddo, and Stephie

And never, EVER, act like this poor little guy!  Right?!  :)

Robert, Lou Lou, & Ronnie

Regardless of all the above, I do hope all our future holidays are this happy…


and BBB is just as smiley as this cutie on all of his birthdays!


In all seriousness, if we really want to know what BBB is going to look like, just compare this:

Baby Robert

With this:


Mini-me anyone?