Safety First!

Last week we did a car seat switcheroo! Samantha needed to move up to a bigger seat so she got Spencer’s old seat (which was Maxwell’s old seat!) and Spencer got a new big boy car seat – with cup holders!

car seat

care seat

Everyone seems pleased with their new seats. Well, Maxwell is still stuck in the back of the car in his same seat but he’s ok…despite his silly face here.

car seats

That’s a car full of precious cargo!

Want some flash backs? Here’s when we first got that car seat for Maxwell. And here’s when Spencer moved into that car seat. We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of it!


Happy Monday and Happy Veteran’s Day!  It was a gorgeous fall weekend around here and we enjoyed every second of it.


Most exciting thing for the boys?  New carseats! Spencey finally got to move out of his bucket seat and is now sitting in the carseat Maxwell had…


and Maxwell is now in a new carseat that will convert to a booster when the time comes.

maxwell car seat

More room for everyone and everyone is happy!

And after a few days of some rough naps, this little guy finally woke up happy on Sunday!  yay!

happy baby

Hope you all had a great weekend too!  See you tomorrow!


I haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet because I think I didn’t want to jinx it but…we are a paci-free household!  Hooray!  About 3 weeks ago when Maxwell was cutting his molars, I noticed that he wasn’t sucking on his pacifiers at all – just chewing on them.  I knew we needed to get rid of them eventually so I thought I’d just take them off the Pacimals and see what happened.  Well, I’ll tell you what happened…nothing!  Maxwell just continued on like he never had them!  I’ve still got a few pacifiers laying around in drawers but he hasn’t had one in several weeks!  I don’t know if I was really thinking it would be hard to get rid of them but I never thought it would be this easy!

I will say – this is one more reason I think the Pacimals (here and here) are fantastic.  We took off the paci but he still has his lovey.  Perfect!

So, here’s to seeing no more paci-face…

and lots more silly faces like these!

ps – please check out the picture below.  Maxwell was only 2 weeks old with the same paci as the picture above.

Oh my sweet baby.  That paci was as big as his head!!


A little rhyme for you on this Tuesday morning – How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck…his crib?!

Maxwell has a new teether…his crib.  I started to notice that he had little paint chips stuck to his face when I would get him out of his crib and then I saw this…

and this…

Goodness gracious!  My little woodchuck!  In order to prevent mouth splinters and save Maxwell’s teeth, I rigged things up like this…

Which worked but wasn’t very pretty.  I know you can buy various stick-on gel pads and velcro pads for the crib, but I hated to spend the money.  A white bath towel and some white ribbon works just as good and looks…well…not so bad.

As Robert said, “it’s just a phase”…and I think this will get us through the phase just fine!

Anything to keep this little guy safe and sound!

Friday Favorite

Today’s Friday Favorite are these great Silly Billyz bibs.  Someone gave me one as a shower gift and they’re the best bibs by far.  Why do I like them so much?  First, they are thick, lined terry cloth and big enough to cover his entire shirt.  Second, the elastic at the neck keeps them snug and the snap closure means he can’t pull them off…yet!  I recently ordered a few more off of Amazon and am so glad I did.

Maxwell enjoying some dinner in his awesome Silly Billyz bib…

silly billyz bib

silly billyz bib

silly billyz bib

Even though it doesn’t look like it, some of this food does actually end up in his mouth!

silly billyz bib

They really are great bibs.

Now, I’ve got a fun treat to send you all into the weekend…a video!  I tried and tried to figure out how to convert my iphone video into a format that I can upload to the bloggy blog but I’m stumped.  But, if you want to see some great Maxwell belly laughs, all you have to do is click on the link and check it out on Flickr.  You won’t be disappointed!!  :)

Belly Laugh Video

Hope you all have a laugh filled weekend!