Here’s to NINE and feeling more than FINE!

nine years

I love you, Robert. Let’s make it 99 more!

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8 years

I was pretty excited to get married to you then…


and I’m still pretty excited to be married to you now!

8 years

Happy Anniversary Robert! I love you. 8 is GREAT! :)

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7 year itch

7 years ago today Robert and I were hitched…


We packed a LOT into this 7th year and well, I’m not itchy at all.  :)  Love you, Robert.

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6 years!

Six years and going strong…

6 years

I think that deserves a pat on the back!

Happy Anniversary, Robert.  I love you and our little family more today than ever.

5 years here.  4 years here.  3 years here.

You can read more about our wedding here and here.

Five whole years

Happy Anniversary, Robert.  Thanks for putting up with me for 5 whole years.  Here’s to 55 more!

A few favorites from one of my very favorite days.

Love you!