I’m Stephanie and this is my bloggy blog.

I grew up in Little Rock, went to college in Nashville, lived in Dallas and then had some big adventures in New York City.  I now live in Alabama with my husband Robert and our sweet baby boys, Maxwell and Spencer, and our precious baby girl, Samantha.  I started this blog in 2010 to capture the daily happenings of Maxwell and keep the grandparents satisfied with lots of baby pictures.  Spencer joined the family in 2012, Samantha came in 2015, and I’m still capturing our adventures!

A little more about me…

I miss NYC every day but love having a house and a yard.
I could eat sushi for every meal…and practically did while living in Manhattan…but will never turn down good Mexican food.
No one makes me laugh harder than my husband.
I was cheerleading captain and valedictorian of my high school class…and am sometimes worried I peaked in high school.
I’m chronically punctual.
I have an addiction to gossip web sites, shelter magazines, and Starbucks.
I no longer have my left 12th rib or my appendix.  You can read about the appendix ordeal here.
The best birthday gift I ever received was my “big girl” camera in 2010.  It has led to a love of photography and a true hobby.
I’m pretty sure I have the three cutest babies in the world.


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Thanks for checking us out and have fun following The Brown Brick Road!