We had our favorite visitors around last weekend – GJ and Daddo!



They even got to go see a Cardinals game…


and a Firebombs game!


We love it when they’re in town! Come back soon GJ and Daddo…or, better yet, we’ll go to you!

Cousin love

What a treat we had on Tuesday! My cousin, Amy, stopped through Birmingham on the way to the beach with her husband, Birc, and two cute kiddos, Savannah and Walker. Amy is the daughter of Daddo’s brother, John. She lives in Little Rock and it was so great to have her in my town!

amy cousins

The kids got along great – Savannah will be 4 in December and Walker will be 2 in September so they fit right in with the boys. They played upstairs, ran around outside, ate some dinner and hung on the couch…


I think Savannah was a big fan of Maxwell! :)


Maxwell didn’t mind one single bit!!


I’m so glad all these sweet kids got to meet each other. I only wish we could get everyone together more often!


Cousin love!


On Friday of last week we had some very special visitors! Just like last year and the year before that, Hannah and her crew stopped through Birmingham on their way to the beach! Hooray! We always love seeing Hannah and it’s such a treat to see her kids too. I’m so happy she finally got to meet Samantha and I got to squeeze on cute Caroline!  :)

Caroline could not get enough of Baby Mantha…

baby mantra

baby mantra


Baby Mantha wasn’t quite so sure about all the people in her house though! ha!


Poor baby was worn out from all the stimulation by the time everyone left! They just stopped through, had some lunch, played in the playroom and then hit the road again. It obviously wasn’t long enough but I’m so glad I got to hug Hannah’s neck and see Ryan and the kids.


These babies are just growing too fast…

joshua and caroline

I’ve known Hannah over 20 years now and I still feel like we should be in high school cruising around town and staying out of trouble (always). But instead, here we are, “middle aged” and driving mini-vans (ahem, only one of us and not me :)!) and trying to keep up with all these kids…


Man, we’re lucky. Old friends really are the best friends. Love you, Hannah!


I know I’ve mentioned by college roomie, Kristin, before. She has two boys the exact same age as Maxwell and Spencer. She lives in Atlanta but her in-laws are in Birmingham so I get to see her every now and then. Here’s the last time they were here – can’t believe how little the boys look! – and here’s another visit when our babies were about one – and here’s one more time when the babies first got to meet!

She stopped by on Friday of last week for a while and we let all the boys play while she got to meet Samantha…


The boys were a hoot together. Maxwell and Lucas are 10 days apart and Spencer and Hayes are 17 days apart….

boys kristin

cuties all of them!

Then on Saturday afternoon, we had quick visit from my aunt, Jeanette. We’re so glad she was able to stop on her way to see Laura so she could meet Miss Samantha!


We love visitors!


Around here lately…

We’ve had visitors…


Aunt Messy!


Nate and Johannes!

We’ve gone to birthday parties…

bday party

That’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Maxwell with his classmate, Princess Hannah.

We’ve taken mirror selfies…


As you can see in the background, baby girl’s room is still a work in progress!

We’ve gotten boo-boos at school…



We’ve had a 70 degree afternoon…



Followed by a day of freezing rain and cancelled school! Can winter please be over now??

Overall, we’ve been doing great…


Hope you have been too! Have a wonderful weekend!