TGIF! Although, it’s going to be a crazy weekend so I think I’ll actually be even happier when it’s Sunday!

Unfortunately, this week we had to make a trip to the doctor…


For the record, Maxwell was 36.4 lbs and Spencer was 34! Maxwell had a cold last week with some congestion but was largely over it. However, he was complaining that his ear hurt so I took him in and he has a double ear infection! Spencer now has the same cold and is a snotty, wheezing mess.


All we can really do for Spencer is a steroid and the oh so fun breathing treatments. Poor guy. One funny thing – I was rocking Spencer in the middle of the night when he was coughing so so so bad. He actually finally coughed up some of the junk all over me (gross) and then, in his half asleep state, said “Goodness!” just like I always say whenever one of the boys is coughing a lot. He then said, “Giant mess.” and I had to agree – and laugh. Sweet boy.

Another cute Spencer story I don’t want to forget…  Last week I was drying my hair while Samantha was asleep in her room and Spencer was playing with his trains downstairs. When I turned off my blow dryer, I heard Samantha crying so I went into her room only to see that Spencer had left his trains downstairs and had come up to her room to put the paci in her mouth when he heard her crying. He was kneeling beside her, sticking the paci in her mouth. I just about melted. Sweet boy indeed.

And a funny thing from Maxwell…on St. Patrick’s Day, we were playing outside and all of a sudden he said, “Look Momma! A clover and it has THREE sides! I think a Leprechaun must have come and planted it here last night!”  Ha!


Also, Maxwell came home from school on Wednesday saying “Momma, I decided that I’m now going to marry Blair and let Max marry Lila. I was smiling at Blair all day today. Can she come over and play?” What????? Young love…

I guess I’ll give a little update on Samantha too. She had her first bottle this week when Susan kept her for a bit and drank it all down like a champ! Basically, she’s perfect.


She’s also definitely doing better in the sleeping department. She’s really only waking to eat one around 3am and is doing much better sleeping in her chair. Not perfect yet but we’re getting there. I guess I should start letting her sleep in her own room. All in good time…


Sorry, that post kind of went all over the place but those are some updates from around here! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Maxwell right now

Maxwell is 4 years and 2.5 months old and I’m pretty sure he’s the most awesome 4 year and 2.5 month old little boy out there!  (it’s my blog, I can say that) :)


I had his parent/teacher conference last week and got a glowing report!  :)  She said he’s a very bright boy and quite the leader in his class.  She actually had them do little tests just to see where they are and he can count to 29, could identify all of his colors and shapes, could identify all of the letters and their sound just by looking at them (she actually said he was the only one to get all of these right!) and he holds scissors properly which I guess is a big deal at this age.  She said he’s a great listener and quite the joy to have in class!  Yay!

maxwell at 4

She comes up with the 4 best words to describe your child now and then does it again at the end of the year to see if they’ve changed.  Here are Maxwell’s 4 words for now…

maxwell at 4

Kind, Inquisitive, Imaginative and Leader. Pretty spot on I’d say!

I know I’m pretty biased, but this kid is smart. He’s curious, he’s engaging, he’s got a fantastic (and scary sometimes!) memory and he’s just a hoot too. He knows the first names of all of my friends and his friends’ moms and calls them by name – Rebecca, Jessica, Leila – it’s funny.  He always gives me good information about what went on at school, who was there, who was out and why…he’s the little class reporter and I love it!

mbb 4

He’s starting to get very opinionated about certain things like clothes…much to my dismay. I swear it was only 3 months ago that he said “I just wear whatever Momma tells me to.”  I’m afraid those days are over and now you’ll find him in blue jeans and his work boots as many days a week as he can get away with.  He wants to wear his new belt every day too! His shirt will likely be striped so he can look like a tiger.  Yes, a tiger. His other recent obsession right now are animals – he’s CONSTANTLY asking questions like “are cheetahs good swimmers? who can climb better – a monkey or a tiger? do bears have meat? how fast can a jaguar run?” It’s kind of hilarious the way I answer all of the questions because many times I have no idea.  :)  We have several cat dress up masks and tails so he can be a cheetah, tiger or jaguar! This all started when we got the movie Bears (highly recommend) and it’s been fun to see him develop a second obsession outside of firetrucks (which he still loves).  He’s also really into construction workers lately (hence the work boots) and that’s because of the work we’re doing on the new house. He loves to get over there and measure things with his tape measure!


Much to Maxwell’s delight, Spencer is finally to the age where they can “play” together…although Maxwell definitely gets frustrated when Spencey won’t play the way he’s supposed to! ha!  Maxwell truly loves his brother and tries to hug on him all the time which is unfortunately often met by a shove from Spencer. Ah, brotherly love! But, they really are cute together…especially when they both wear their work boots!  :)

reliance jio

I sure do love my little chatterbox (honestly, he NEVER stops talking!) and am just trying to soak up these days of his endless questions and adorable toddler voice.  My favorite thing he says when I ask him to do something? “Oh, sure!” in the cutest voice you’ve ever heard. He’s the best. Right now, he loves me the most and I don’t take it for granted one second.  He’s a good, good kid and I’m so glad he’s mine.


See you tomorrow!

Maxwell at 3.5

I sure do love and like this kid.  He makes me laugh a lot and he makes me want to cry with how sweet he is.  He also makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes but, luckily, that’s not very often.  I sometimes just stare at his little face and big brown eyes and am in awe of how great a kid he is.  And the fact that he’s mine?  What a lucky duck I am.

mbb 3.5

I am constantly amazed at the things he knows and says.  Driving home from school a few weeks ago we saw a house with a little windmill ornament in the yard and he said, “Momma, that’s a windmill. It can be used to make light-tricity.”  Well, ok smarty pants. He knows the different types of construction trucks better than I ever will and is completely knowledgeable about the various types of fire trucks and what they do.  Don’t dare confuse the bucket truck and pumper truck – you will be corrected!

mbb 3.5

His fire truck obsession continues.  He loves them and will play with them every day.  Apparently the fire trucks at school are the “popular toy” this year and I just have to believe that Maxwell lead the charge there!  He’s also still always talking about his fire station down in Naples where he basically has anything and everything you could ever want.  Just last week he was telling me that he has elephants in his fire station that sleep in the bed with him.  Well, 2 sleep with him at night and they sometimes break the bed because they are so big.  The other 2 are nocturnal and sleep during the day.  And he also has a REALLY big bathtub to give them a bath.  Yea…that conversation actually happened.

mbb 3.5

Robert and I got a good laugh last week at dinner when he was talking about something and just said, “I saw it on Facebook at my fire station.”  HA!!  He often tells me “just order it off of Amazon, Momma.”  Love that kid.

mbb 3.5

He’s definitely a rule-follower and wants to please. He doesn’t like getting in trouble or being told he did something he shouldn’t do (which really isn’t that often).  He likes to keep things neat and organized (as much as a 3 year old can!).  In his room, there are baskets where we have random toys in one, his train track parts in one, and blocks in the other. The other day he looked in one and said, “That’s silly, Momma! There are blocks in the train basket!”  Ah, I think he has a little bit of me in him after all!  :)

mbb 3.5

We rarely have true behavioral issues – just a little fussy when he’s over tired. I think he’s really only had to be punished for anything about 3 times in his life. He does sometimes get a little sassy voice and puts on a “mean face” that he says is a dragon.  It’s definitely not my favorite and we’re always working on “being sweet”!  He’s also big into being first now – first up in the morning, first to go into the next room, first in everything.  Sharing toys with Spencer is a work in progress…and I’m sure will be for many years to come! He still eats like a very picky bird but will gobble down some Moe’s any day of the week.  He naps most days but will quietly play in his room if he doesn’t actually go to sleep.  Bedtime is around 7:30 and we read books and then I rock and tuck him in.  Every night he reminds me to leave the hallway light on and, of course, I do.

mbb 3.5

He loves Spencer.  I mean LOVES Spencer. He protects him, he takes care of him, he would do anything for him.  I think his favorite thing is to make Spencer laugh and Spencer eats. it. up.  They’re gonna be good buddies.

mbb 3.5

My sweet buddy.  Last week you could see the moon during the day and he said, “Look Momma!  Mr. Moon is saying hello to Mr. Sunshine!”  Melt my heart.  He is the best and 3.5 is a magical age.  Wish I could freeze time.

mbb 3.5

We love you Maxwell!

Maxwell lately

Just a little update today on this cute guy who will be 3.5 at the end of the month…

mbb 3.5

For starters, he’s growing like a weed. If you can’t tell in the picture above, pretty much all of his pants are high waters now! I’m just trying to get us through the winter and into shorts weather!

Maxwell is just on fire these days – the things that come out of his mouth amaze me and make me laugh.  His imagination is ridiculous right now, too.  He’s always talking about his fire station down in Florida and all of the neat things it has.  Pretty much anything we talk about, he’s got it at his fire station – an elephant, another baby named Maxwell, race cars, you name it – he’s got it!  Plus, all week we’ve been getting ready for his “big band concert” and he keeps asking me to check the fridge to make sure we’ve got the ingredients for the brownies to take to the concert.  His ingredients?  carrots and lettuce.  ha!  He also carries around his cell phone (my old flip phone) a lot and receives calls quite often, usually from GJ, about a “big emergency” somewhere.  It cracks me up to hear him carry on these one sided conversations.

A few of his favorite things right now…

Books – Little Blue Truck (he can recite every word) and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.  We still read 5 (!) books every night before bed and he’s pretty good about always picking different ones so we keep a variety.

TV Shows – we’re on a bit of a tv kick right now thanks to the cold winter days. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins are still great but now he also looooves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Handy Manny, and his newest obsession, Paw Patrol!  His favorite on Paw Patrol is Marshall the fire dog, naturally.

Movies – Toy Story (all of them but I think 2 is his favorite).

Toys – He still loves anything to do with firetrucks and “fighter fighters”.  Any kind of truck is still his top choice of toy but he’s also really into his stuffed animals (especially his elephants) right now, especially during nap time when he loves to make his bed into an ark!  He’ll really play with anything but there’s not one particular toy outside of his trucks that he plays with  more than the others.  He’s juuuust now started talking about superheroes so we’ll see were that goes!

Favorite color – orange. No question there.

mbb 3.5

Favorite foods – Eating is not his strong suit!  As always, we’re working on it.  His favorite foods are yogurt, bread (pancakes, waffles, cinnamon bread, you name it), black bean cheese burritos from Moe’s, cheese quesadillas and refried beans from the Mexaurant, applesauce, any type of squeeze packet (especially the orange banana ones), almond butter and peanut butter, any type of chip and any type of dessert!  Still won’t touch a fruit or a vegetable no matter how hard I try.  I offer them all the time and he just says “No, thank you.”  Hey, at least he’s polite!

He has his best buddies at school – James and Lila – and my favorite part of the week is picking him up from school and listening to him talk the whole way home in the car.  He’s full of information!

Like all toddlers, he has his moments but, aside from being a little sassy and talking back now and then, we rarely have any issues. He basically never has to go to time out or get any sort of punishment.  He’s still on a big time Momma kick and really wants me to do everything for him.  He loves Dad but really only lets him do anything for him when I’m not around.  :)

The best part about Maxwell these days are the things that come out of his mouth.  Just a few of my recent favorites:

“Momma, trust me on this.”  
“This CANNOT be happening!” – apparently Woody says this.
“You got it chief!”
I was asking him about a set of twin boys in his class and he said, “Mom, they aren’t brovers, they’re twins!”
And all the time I hear “When I grow up, when I’m 5…” – Let me tell you, lots of things are going to happen when he’s 5 apparently!

Every day he has “quiet time” in his room from around 1:30 to 3:30.  Some days he falls asleep, some days he just plays.  But, he’s pretty good about staying in there until his clock turns green.  At night, I always rock him after Robert reads books.  We have a very specific set of songs we sing too – several Christmas carols (yes, still), zipadeedoodaa and then Twinkle.  We get him in bed somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 and he wakes up around 7:00am every day.  He wakes up in the middle of the night more often than I’d like.  He’ll wake up and just be crying hysterically while basically still half asleep.  I go in there and get him calmed back down pretty quickly usually and he’ll go right back to sleep.

His little brain is just on overdrive.  He’s learning to write letters (he’s got J down!) and, thanks to his LeapFrog DVDs, is learning what certain letters sound like and always asking me to spell words.  Pretty neat!

mbb 3.5

To me, this kid is just magical and special and I’m so incredibly grateful that he’s mine!  Yay for 3.5!

Updates and stuff

Update on Spencey – poor kid has Hand, Foot & Mouth (again) and an ear infection.  Double whammy.  He had HFM in early September so I kept him out of school for a month and a half.  I send him back and he’s got it again within a week.  I know he got it at school because the teacher emailed last week that there was another confirmed case in his class.  ugh.  Dr. Walley looked in his mouth and he’s got sores on the back of his throat and it’s all over his bottom. Then he’s also got an ear infection in his right ear.  We got some amoxycillin and he’ll hopefully be feeling better soon.  Now let’s all cross our fingers that Maxwell doesn’t get HFM just in time for Thanksgiving.

This is about how good Spencey feels…


poor buddy.

Update on Maxwell – he’s a great kid.  We had his parent/teacher conference yesterday and Ms. Betsy just had all good things to say about him. She said he could probably run the class for her!  :)  She did say that, like everyone in the class, he’s still learning how to take turns, especially when it comes to taking turns with his beloved bucket firetruck!  She kind of made a joke that she knows ALL about the firetruck pjs, books, etc. at our house!  She said that, developmentally, Maxwell is right on target and is just a joy to have in class.  yay!

maxwell 3

A few other things about Maxwell right now that I want to remember…

From the kid that coined the term “mexaurant” for mexican restaurant, I give you “hanitizer” for hand sanitizer.  Just call him Maxwell Webster’s Brown!

His favorite phrase lately is “you know” and he tacks it on to the end of a lot of sentences.  “I really don’t have a big backhoe loader, you know.”  It’s funny.

He thinks all potatoes are called sweet potatoes.  He says he wants some “sweet potato chips” when he’s talking about normal potato chips and then, this weekend, he was playing with “Mr. Sweet Potato Head”.  It’s just too cute to correct.

The other day he ran into the other room to get something but before he left he turned to me and said, “Momma, I’ll be back lickety-split!”  ha!

As of last night, he’s developed a new trick – climbing in and out of his crib. Oh boy!  I asked him if he just wanted to start sleeping in his big boy bed and he said no. He loves his crib and that’s fine with me! Bedtime has also gotten much more pleasant since we stopped doing “pat-pats” 3 weeks ago. Now it’s just books, rock and sing and then bed.

Orange is still his favorite color and 5 is his favorite number.  He still loves all of his digger trucks but firetrucks are the #1 thing in his life right now.  All things fireman, all day.  We read books about them, we talk about them, we discuss the different types of firetrucks and what they all do.  One might call it an obsession!

Yesterday morning when I told him that Spencer was going to the doctor and not going to school, Maxwell got very concerned and said, “But he will miss me while I’m at school and then he will get sad and cry.”  Oh, sweet boy.  Little do you know about how much fun Spencey has at home when you’re not there!  :)

I love these boys.


See you tomorrow!