On Christmas Day, I noticed that Spencer started limping. It wasn’t bad and he never complained about anything hurting, but he definitely had a “hitch in his giddy-up” as they say (and I don’t know who says that besides my mom, btw). Anyway, fast forward 1.5 weeks later and he’s still limping. I called the pediatrician and they said it was best to take him up to the Orthopedic to get him checked out. I actually had a doctor appointment Tuesday morning right next door to the Orthopedic so Spencer just got to tag along with me to the doctor. He REALLY didn’t want to go in when we got there (screaming baby in a dead silent waiting room = fun) but I finally got him going on the iPad and he was a happy camper from then on…


We then headed over to the Orthopedic – same doctor that we had seen when Maxwell broke his leg. As much as Spencer didn’t want to into my doctor’s office, he REALLY REALLY didn’t want them messing with him at the ortho! Long story short, after some observed walking (which was really him running after me while screaming crying) and x-rays, it was determined that Spencer hurt his foot but didn’t hurt it very bad. I got a little confused when the doctor was telling me what happened but, from what I understand, he hurt the top of his foot which is primarily ligaments and possibly did a little damage to the bone. Whatever is wrong, it’s not bad enough to actually do anything about and will heal itself. The doctor said to just give him Motrin if it bothers him and he’ll be back to normal in no time. Thank goodess!  I’ll tell you one thing – Spencer was glad to be out of that doctor’s office when he appointment was over!


His limp has not slowed him down at all!

Another funny Spencey story – yesterday for breakfast I gave the boys some mini muffins that they have each had several times before (we’re all about nutrition over here!). About 10 minutes later, I looked at Spencer’s plate and it was totally clean….all the muffins AND THE PAPER WRAPPERS were gone. Robert and I started cracking up when we realized that he had just gobbled down the paper wrappers with his muffins!  Goodness gracious.  I guess he was hungry!!  or possibly distracted by the iPad. It obviously didn’t bother him but I’m so glad to know that, while he won’t eat a majority of the food I make, he will eat paper. ha!

Thankfully the muffins were about 1/5 the size of this giant one!


Yesterday was also back to school for the boys – finally! Instead of taking Teddy Tennis on Friday afternoons like he did first semester, Maxwell is doing Soccer Shots on Wednesday mornings at 8am before school. I’m planning to take Spencer to PlayPals during that hour so I don’t have to do two drop-offs. We all made it to school by 8am yesterday and both boys seemed to love their activities so win-win for now! We’ll see if we can get there that early when #3 is tagging along too!

Finally, when I picked Spencer up yesterday, Ms. Alice even commented on how much more he was talking than before Christmas break.  She said it was just night and day!  Hooray!  Here he is trying to back himself into the corner and not put his coat on to leave school…


Don’t worry, I got coats on both of them because it’s FREEZING here!


Have a good and warm day!

Spencer speech therapy

As I’ve mentioned before, Spencer was slow to talk so we started getting him some therapy before he turned 2. We originally went through the state and then decided to also go with some private therapy. He had his initial evaluation with Children’s back in May and started weekly 1 hour speech therapy sessions in July. Our therapist, Ms. Jennifer, was so great and patient with him and, while the steps were baby steps, we did see little improvements each week.



spencer therapy



The end of December was his 6 month mark and it was agreed by all that we take a break.  Spencer has progressed a TON and is almost right on track with his age group.  Jennifer re-tested him around mid-December when he was 2 years, 2 months old and his expressive language (talking) was at a 2 year, 1 month level! Great! Even better? His receptive language (comprehension) was at a 2 year, 8 month level! Woohoo!  That put him overall at a level of 2 years, 5 months for language.

I will also say that, even since Christmas, I promise this kid is talking 50% more. He’s stringing together 3 words, having actual little conversations and really letting his personality come through.  This kid is chattering away all the time and I LOVE it! My favorite thing he says? Yeeese for yes. I can’t even type the cute way he says it but it just kills me. I’m just thrilled to be able to ask him a question and get either a little “yeeese” or “nah” in response instead of just a shake of the head!

I sure do love this little pumpkin…


Yes, that was from his birthday but it’s too cute not to share. Here’s a cute one from last week…


I could just eat him up! Here’s to my chattering, babbling, talking 2 year old!

Friday 10

TGIF!  and TGISpringBreak!  The boys and I are leaving this weekend to go to Naples for the week!  Hooray!!  Unfortunately, Robert has to stay home to work.  We’re sure going to miss him.  I’m going to miss him most on the plane ride as I try to handle both boys by myself!  ack!

A few – or 10 – things around here this week…

1. Spencey is the best. He’s still not talking and he should be so we took some steps this week to get him the help he needs.  I’ll talk more about it later when I have the full story.  However, is he making small improvements every day such as this one…

A firetruck siren!  yes yes yes!  Honestly, that is his first word (ok, sound) said with intention.  Meaning, he’s associating that sound with a thing/person and not just babbling/mimicking sounds!  Hooray!  I’ll take sirens all day from all 3 of my boys!

Susan also really thought he said “bye” and “choo-choo” yesterday.  He’s making progress!

2. Spencer continues to be a stacking fool.  Look at that steady hand-eye coordination!


3. Stacking is fun until big brother’s foot makes it all come tumbling down!



4. Maxwell took a nap in his chair this week.  He was in his room for “quiet time” and didn’t want to sleep so was playing in his chair and I guess the sleep just took over.  I finally went in to wake him up and 4:45 and found him like this. Sweet boy.


5. I love this face…


6. and this laugh…


7. We got a new painting for over our fireplace in the den!  A girl from Arkansas, Amanda Kella, painted it for us and I loooove it!  I spent most of last weekend redoing all of our bookshelves and am loving how light and bright the room feels now!



8. This cracked me up…almost a high five!  :)

9. We fly into Tampa on Sunday (better to get a direct flight there than to have to change planes with both boys) and my mom and I might have gotten a crazy idea to stop by Disney World for a day on the way to Naples!  and the boys might not know about it yet.  and they might be getting to see Nate and Delaney there.  and we might be really excited!  and, yes, we might be becoming (already are?) those crazy Disney people.  :)

10. When driving back from school Wednesday, Maxwell told me that in chapel they had told the kids to close their eyes and think about someone they loved.  I asked Maxwell who he thought about and who did he say?  Spencey.  sweet brothers.


Bye! We’re off to Florida!