Week in review

Some events from this past week…

Everyone loves it when Dad gets breakfast!


Bubbles in the backyard…



Early mornings at the gym for me…handstand pushups! (yes, totally showing off by sharing this but when I’m old and gray someday I want to remember I could do this!)…


A new light fixture in the foyer!

light fixture

Love notes from Maxwell…

love notes

Spoiling our dinner with 4:00 ice cream and running into our neighborhood besties…

ice cream

A rare moment of all three playing happily together…


Finally, projects!


A good, normal, routine week. We’ll take it! Make it a great weekend!

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

It’s looking a little spooky around here!


As Spencer said, “Don’t worry, they’re just pretend. They’re happy ghosts!”



Phew. We like happy ghosts!

Also, seeing this picture makes me realize I’ve never told the full story on our front lawn redo. I will get to it someday but, this right here is why we did it…


My three pumpkins playing in the front in the grass on a beautiful fall day. Nothing better!

Weekend fun

Lots of weekend fun!

Jumping for joy on Friday!



Saturday Yardwork. One of my helpers was a little more productive than the other!


Bye bye sticks and weeds!


Birthday party fun!

max party

Cousin love!


Sunshine and sports on Sunday!


sunday sports

Tball and soccer game pics to come. A happy and busy weekend! See you tomorrow!

It’s beginning to look….

a lot like Christmas! We’ve been making it merry around here the past two weeks! I actually had all the inside decorations up right before we left for the mountains for Thanksgiving. I knew time was going to get short when we got back so I was happy to come home to a decorated house! We moved into this house December 15 of last year and didn’t really decorate so it’s been fun this year finding new places for everything. I did decorate our banister this year and love it!


and you know I LOVE having FIVE stockings to hang this year!


We got our tree the week after Thanksgiving. We were hoping to have a family outing to get it, but with rain coming and everyone busy, Maxwell and I just decided to stop off after school one day and pick one out. My helper chose the best one! Robert and I almost killed ourselves trying to get it in the stand and up in the house that night but, we got it in. (note to self – throw away that terrible 4 screw stand and stick with the cheapy one!)


We finally got it decorated and I think it’s the best one yet!  :)


We also got some more wreaths for outside so there’s a wreath for every window!


We also have bows galore and a fancy mailbox all thanks to Susan!


I got the lighted garland up – and had a good helper for that too!  :)


I just love Christmas and how full the house feels with joy and anticipation!


Ho Ho Ho!


First, Happy Birthday Susu! We love you and can’t wait to see you next week! Have a wonderful day!


(sneak peek of the baptism photos there!)

Second, It’s beginning to look a lot like FALL! We went to the mini pumpkin patch in the parking lot of Mountain Brook Baptist and picked out a few good looking pumpkins.

pumpkin patch


My design assistant helped me get the porch just right…




Happy Fall!