Mother’s Day Tea

Goodness, so much good stuff to catch up on around here! We’ll start with Friday of last week and the Mother’s Day Tea at Maxwell’s school. He was supposed to wear his “Sunday best” which meant I (barely) got him out of Under Armour for the day. He was looking so cute that I decided Baby needed a party dress and I made my three cuties take a picture before school. As always, it went well…


It’s not perfect but this one is actually my favorite…


I went to Maxwell’s class that afternoon and they had everything set up so nicely with punch and petit fours! They sang 3 songs for us and it was precious. They had clearly worked hard and were proud of themselves, as they should be!

mothers day tea

I sure do love this kid. He makes me proud every day just for being himself. Being his momma is the best.


He had made all sorts of fun goodies for me and I loved it all!

mothers day




I do make chicken and rice a lot! ha! :)


A great start to Mother’s Day!!

Mother’s Day!

Aren’t we so lucky to have so many wonderful mothers in our lives!

The kids get to have adventures with Susan…


Learn about the finer things in life from Lou Lou…

lou lou

Get extra loving from SuSu…


And just have the most fun with GJ!




I guess you could say they’re lucky to have me too but I think I’m the lucky one!  :)

I get to hang with this awesome kid…


this sweet boy…


and this pretty princess…


It doesn’t get any better than that! Happy Mother’s Day!

May flowers

We sure have been enjoying the pretty spring weather! Front yard, back yard. In the trees, on the scooters. Digging in the sand table, bouncing balls.


We’re loving being outside before the heat of the summer moves in!

Fun stuff

Happy  Monday! We’ve all been getting to do fun stuff around here. Spencer got to go to a play date at his friend Christopher’s house with his buds Stephen and Wade!


The boys got to to go a Barons game with Robert. Unfortunately it was unseasonably cold and rainy so not the best conditions. Despite having to wear their heavy coats and wait out a little rain delay, they still had a great time. I think the unlimited rice krispie treats helped!


The best part was when they got home later that night and Maxwell couldn’t wait to tell me that Spencer got lost and they had to call for Dad over the loud speaker!!! Ummm…yea. Apparently Robert had sat the boys down next to his co-worker while he went to get them popcorn. Spencer decided to go wander off and find Robert but I guess a well meaning adult found him first, asked him if he was lost, and took him to a police officer! Robert was still getting popcorn, oblivious to all of this, and got back to his co-workers flipping out and hearing on the loud speaker “We’re sorry to interrupt the fun, but we have a missing parent! Will Spencer’s parents please come behind home plate!” hahaha! Robert went down there and Spencer was sitting up on a counter just chatting up about 3 police officers! That boy.

Finally, Robert and I got to have some fun and do to the annual Kentucky Derby party our friends throw.



der by



Lots of fun stuff for everyone!


TGIF from my three perfect angels…


Hmmm…this more like it!


Happy Friday and happy Cindo de Mayo!