There’s no place like…



We’re so happy to be here.


Happy, happy Friday from all 5 of us!

Day 2

Day 2 of a dream come true!

samantha day 2

All is going great. She’s been super sleepy but a good eater when I can wake her up!


She’s passed all of her various hospital tests with flying colors. Most importantly, I think I’ve spotted two dimples on those squeezable cheeks!


Her hair looks fairly dark right now but has some light shades too so I’m sure it will end up much lighter. I’m not seeing red in there yet but I’m not giving up on that!


Getting to leave the hospital today and can’t wait to be home as a family of 5!!

Oh Boy!

It’s a GIRL! We are thrilled to introduce Samantha Keath Brown born yesterday, 1/27, at 1:04pm. She is 7lbs, 2oz and 20 inches long. Big brothers Maxwell and Spencer met her in the afternoon and think she’s pretty awesome! While Maxwell was disappointed we didn’t name her Flowery or Lily, he kept wanting to hold her and give her kisses. Spencer didn’t want to get near her but did try to give her his snickerdoodle cookie and kept telling us “baby cwying”. It’s gonna be fun!

birth day



More tomorrow!

Tickety tock

Tick tock, tick tock. Come on baby!  It’s your DUE DATE today!!

While we wait, we sure are glad to have these people in town…



Bye bye GJ!


Waiting on GJ to come back!


Where’s GJ?


Lots of drawing and coloring going on…


and telling Daddo what to draw and color!


We’re keeping busy but sure are ready to meet #3!


TGIF! Today, 1.23, seems like a good day to have a baby, huh? Fingers crossed that actually comes true! In the meantime, we’ll be here on the couch…


and because it’s cute, here’s Maxwell explaining two of his recent drawings to Robert…

Can’t see the videos? click here and here.  Make it a great weekend!