Weekend fun

What a jam packed weekend we had! Friday night Robert and I had dinner out with some friends. Saturday morning was a rainy morning breakfast birthday party for Spencer where he ran and played with Stephen…


Then it was off to Maxwell’s basketball pictures and game…

bball team

(Coach Albert, Maxwell, James, Bo, and Butler)

and then a quick nap before we all headed to a birthday party for one of Samantha’s classmates up at McWane!


The next day it was Sunday school for the boys (which was when I accidentally put Maxwell’s pants on Spencer and Spencer’s pants on Maxwell!) hahaha!

sunday pants

And then we went to the CIRCUS!! We unfortunately had to drive and try to park at the circus in blinding rain. Luckily we were the very last car to get let into the covered parking garage. Phew!


We got in, purchased unnecessary but awesome light-up toys, and took our seats to enjoy the greatest show on earth!


It really was a fun time and I’m so glad we went since they announced this is the last circus ever! sad! Samantha enjoyed it all but she was a handful to try to keep still. Popcorn helped tremendously…and kept the boys pretty happy too!


Overall it was a great weekend! Now we’re gearing up for a VERY special 2 year old birthday on Friday!!

Come fly with me

Let’s fly, let’s fly away!

spencer wings

Spencer is finally getting a hair cut this week but, I have to say, I really love him all shaggy with these little wings! He’s ready to fly away!

Last week Spencer got invited over to Sebastian’s house for pizza and cake to celebrate his 4th birthday! Spencer was the only friend he got to invite.  :) It was a hoot to see these two together…they were running and screaming and belly laughing the entire time!

spencer and sebastian

spencer and sebastian

Finally, we had our teacher conference with Mrs. Rollins yesterday and honestly got a glowing report on Spencer! She said he’s a SMART boy – smarter than most others his age. (!) He knows all of his letters, can count to 30 and beyond, and passed all of his “tests” with flying colors. The things they as a class – and him! – are working on are mainly around sharing toys and not playing quite so rough. Spencer is a 4 year old boy through and through! I sure do love this rough and tumble smarty pants!

One funny story, on the drive to school I was telling Spencer how I was going to go see Mrs. Rollins and let her tell me how good he’s doing. Spencer said, “I’m not good. I’m bad.” hmmm…I asked him why he was bad and he said, “I colored on the table with crayons and I play with the trucks too rough!” Ha! I told Mrs. Rollins this and she just chuckled and said how insightful that was of Spencer to say. He did get in trouble once for coloring on the table and the main thing she is working on with him is just not being quite to rough with all the toys! Spencer knows what’s up!

I love this kid.

ps – yes, that’s a Lego catalog he’s looking through in the top picture. Christmas lists are being made!

Around here

Happenings around here lately…

Sunday best from two weeks ago…


Before school fun at the allergy doctor…

allergy doc

Spencer is my brave boy and never even flinches!

allergy shot

Playing with old baby toys…

old baby toy

and an impromptu “bunking party!”

bunking party

Finally, my favorites, school morning photos…

school morning

school morning

And an after school photo too!

after school

Make it a great day!

Potty training

Samantha needs some potty training – not that kind though! For the past few weeks she’s been sticking her hand in the potty and then, over the weekend, she decided it would be a good idea to put both my computer mouse and my iPhone in the potty. Yes, my iPhone. Stinker, stinker, stinker.


It’s a good thing she’s so cute!


I’m now the reluctant owner of a new iPhone 7! Somebody teach this kid to stay away from the potty!

Fri, Sat, Sun

Friday – 2nd day of school!


The twosome left behind…


Allergy shots with TWO suckers!  :)


Little brother got to skip nap to pick big brother up from school…


and then got to go see his classroom too!


Saturday – important handyman work…


lunch dates….


birthday party prep at Party City…

party city

bday party

and an unusual moment of stillness…


Sunday – church for the 2 that didn’t wake up with a snotty nose…

bday party

more birthday party prep…


And post nap hair…

That’s all folks! See you tomorrow!