Whole Foods helpers

We might have had some cart races…

whole foods

but thankfully managed to make it out of there without a clean up on aisle 9!


Maybe not the best helpers but definitely the cutest!


See you tomorrow!

Iphone dump

Cleaning off the iPhone!




Lots of fun times! See you tomorrow!

PJs and Pancakes

The kids were invited to the cutest Pancakes and PJs Party to celebrate Anne and Vivian’s second birthday on Saturday! They all seemed quite happy to get to leave the house in their pjs…


The cute birthday girls (who are just friends even though they look like sisters!) with their big stack of pancakes!


The party was just as neat as it could be…


with cute things for the kids to do like make a Froot Loop necklace…

froot loops

baby didn’t really make one…but she did find other people’s necklaces to eat!  :)

froot loops

Everyone enjoyed the pancakes and doughnut holes…


and they especially loved getting to try lots of sugary cereals they had never had before!


It was a fun group of kids…


(Samantha clearly thought it would be better to stand in front of everyone and pick her nose for the picture rather than sit with the other kids.)

and a good time was had by all!


Happy birthday Anne and Vivie!

Morning walk

I can already tell one of my favorite parts of the day will be walking Maxwell to school in the morning – well, until he tells me he’s old enough to do it himself and only lets me take him to the corner! :) But, for now, he lets us walk him all the way in and I love it.

On Monday Robert got to do the honors…


On Tuesday Robert was out of town so Spencer, Samantha, and I all got to walk him over together…

morning walk

On Wednesday Robert was back but Spence still wanted to go with us…

school morning

He didn’t stay because he’s obviously “too cool for school”! ha!


And, no, it’s not cool enough for pants here but they don’t seem to care!

Baby was waiting for us when we came back…


and likes to wave to all the people dropping off their kids!


I had to miss the morning drop off on Thursday because I was in Nashville! woohoo! I drove over for the night to see the Dixie Chicks with Lyndsay…


A great concert and a super fun quick trip. Happy to be back home for the morning school walk today though! Happy Friday!


Spencer and Maxwell are best buds…and as opposite as two can be. My brown haired, brown eyed oldest and blonde haired, blue eyed middle child could not be more different. Maxwell was difficult as a baby…to say the least. There was plenty of crying and not a lot of sleep. Now? Maxwell’s the easiest kid ever. Spencer was a dream baby. He was an easy sleeper, rarely cried, and was happy all the time. Now? Spencer’s taking his turn as the difficult one. Ha!


Spencer’s been giving us a run for our money the past year. He’s stubborn and wants his way. Usually he can be distracted and swayed but, sometimes he can get upset about something that he just can’t let go and that can turn into an epic fit for 30 minutes straight. Then he’ll just stop…just like that…and look at you and say “It’s ok, I not crying now.” Being 3 is hard. He’s stuck in the middle – literally in the middle between Maxwell and Samantha. He wants to do all the things that Maxwell does and gets frustrated when he can’t. He’s not the baby anymore – and doesn’t want to be the baby! – but that’s hard too. His independence is growing every day – he wants to dress himself, brush his own teeth, do everything on his own – and testing my patience. He can be so sensitive and get his feelings hurt easily – I think he internalizes things much more than I even realize. But he can also brush things off with a laugh like you wouldn’t believe. He zones out and daydreams and doesn’t pay attention to me. Then he can be the sweetest, easiest, most awesome kid you’ve ever met. I love him more than anything.




So, he and Maxwell? Total opposites…and isn’t that what’s fun about it all? What works for one won’t necessarily work for the next one so we’re all learning together. I think this time with Maxwell at kindergarten is going to be SO good for Spence. It will give him a chance to become secure in his own person…figure out who he is other than Maxwell’s “wittle brover”…and focus on being the big brother to Baby.


This kid is going to do awesome things and be a great friend to so many people. I’m so lucky I get to be his momma.