Mother’s Day Tea

Goodness, so much good stuff to catch up on around here! We’ll start with Friday of last week and the Mother’s Day Tea at Maxwell’s school. He was supposed to wear his “Sunday best” which meant I (barely) got him out of Under Armour for the day. He was looking so cute that I decided Baby needed a party dress and I made my three cuties take a picture before school. As always, it went well…


It’s not perfect but this one is actually my favorite…


I went to Maxwell’s class that afternoon and they had everything set up so nicely with punch and petit fours! They sang 3 songs for us and it was precious. They had clearly worked hard and were proud of themselves, as they should be!

mothers day tea

I sure do love this kid. He makes me proud every day just for being himself. Being his momma is the best.


He had made all sorts of fun goodies for me and I loved it all!

mothers day




I do make chicken and rice a lot! ha! :)


A great start to Mother’s Day!!


  1. Maxwell is just the best! What a sweet Mother’s Day treat!

  2. We only have one Momma, so we have to take care of her!

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